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Avoid Electrical Repair Scams & Ripoffs! A Guide to Hiring the Best Electrician In The Milwaukee Area

Doing electrical maintenance on your own is far from an easy task – it can be costly and it can be dangerous. Whether you need a routine inspection of your wiring or you’re dealing with an emergency, finding the right electrician for the job is of uttermost importance.

Take your time before hiring one electrician or another. Several essentials will need to be examined, helping you determine the experience of contractors and the quality of the outcome that you’re going to get.

Types of Electricians

Before looking at anything else, you’ll need to make a distinction between the types of electricians and the services that they offer.

Residential electricians can help you with connecting general electrical equipment in houses and apartments, as well as with any type of outdoor landscape lighting. Probably the most common type of electrical contractor that you can find, a residential electrician will be able to assist you with complete home rewiring or simply with a change of your breaker box.

Residential electricians often work in construction before the residential homes are complete. If you are moving into a new home in the Milwaukee area, make sure you meet your electrician. You can get essential information and you can also ask for the contact information of this professional. Staying in touch with the person that did the wiring in the first place can save you from tons of trouble.

Commercial electricians are responsible for commercial buildings and mechanical electrical systems. They need extensive knowledge and some have engineering experience so don’t underestimate their work.

Perhaps you have just started your own business in the greater Milwaukee area and are moving into a new venue? Make sure you find your local commercial electrician and get to know them better for some extra tips and advice.

Journeymen electricians are experts that work in both residential and commercial buildings so they have a slightly broader outlook on both fields. Relying on the services of a journeyman electrician can be convenient for individuals that want such services in both their home and a commercial facility, for example.

These experts are also responsible for overlooking the work of apprentices and can hold supervisory positions.

Master electricians are typically the people training and owning contracting businesses in Milwaukee. They have the expertise, the training and the management skills to run a business and to give customers access to quality services.

Master electricians are most probably going to be the people you will be contacting when you start looking for a contractor for your home or commercial venue. You, however, need to make sure that their staff is as experienced and up to the task as the owner of the business.

Choose a Company Wisely

Most electrical companies require their staff to have obtained professional education and training prior to allowing them to work with customers. Electricians, just like any other professionals, need to be aware of all the hazards and safety procedures. They should also abide by the National Electrical Code that is amended every three years.


Bear in mind the fact that each state has highly specific requirements when it comes to home wiring standards. Make sure you check the requirements in Wisconsin and recommended practices before getting started with a project or choosing a Milwaukee contractor.

The licensing of the firm you choose should be up to date. Online registries exist for the purpose, making the task a whole lot simpler.

Bad workmanship can cause more problems than you were originally trying to solve, including unexpected power failures because of poor wire connections, overloaded circuits and improper grounding.

Looking for insurance is equally important and it’s the second sign of good quality and ethical practices. If a company has insurance, you will not face any problems in the case of workplace accident and a liability claim.

Do all the necessary research beforehand. Reputable companies usually have all of this information listed on their website, making the task of picking the right contractors a whole lot easier.

The Importance of a Warranty

Highly rated Milwaukee electrician companies will typically provide you with a reasonable warranty for their services, regardless of the complexity and the price of the job.

Ask about the warranty in advance. During this period, you’ll get free repairs and replacements in the case of an electrical problem. If a company is reluctant to give you a warranty, chances are that the confidence in the quality of the services isn’t that high.

The Price of Electrical Repairs in Milwaukee

Set a budget in advance and look for contractors that will be willing to give you services within the specified price range. Avoid excessively cheap or very expensive offers. Spending very little on electrical repairs can put you in jeopardy or you’ll be missing an essential like getting a warranty.

The electricians that you’re interested in working with should be capable of providing a quote and a price estimate right from the start. Use this information to decide and get several estimates to figure out the market averages.


Asking questions when choosing your contractor is extremely important. The right questions will allow you to properly assess if the company is a good fit for your needs.

Always ask for some general details about the company – how long it has been in business, what kinds of licenses and permits it has, whether the company is a member of a professional organization, etc.

Then, move on to questions regarding the employees – what fields these professionals specialize in, how the employees are chosen, whether the company runs background checks and whether they use new and reliable equipment.


Ask the companies that you’re interested in for references. This is one of the simplest options for making sure that the quality you’re getting is sufficiently high.

In addition, do a bit of online research and assess the company’s internet reputation. Make sure you check if the company’s work has been well rated in the Milwaukee area and if customers keep coming back.

Also, see if the original budgets set were typically met or not. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) could contain some information about the reliability of contractors, as well.

Get a Written Contract

Make sure that a contract is signed before work begins. Pay attention to all of the information, go over the fine print and ask questions if you aren’t certain about the clauses. The company should clarify the issues that you’re uncertain about before you sign anything.

Make sure that the contract is specific enough. A proper contract needs to describe the exact nature of the work that needs to be done. A cost estimate and a time-frame for the execution of the project should also be listed in this official document.

Choosing Your Milwaukee Electrician – Final Thoughts

After you talk to the management of the company you have chosen, make sure you also meet the electrician who will actually be doing the work.

It is important to learn whether the firm of your choice hires subcontractors or does the job internally. It’s also possible for companies to send apprentices or inexperienced electricians to deal with some of the easier projects. Insist on meeting the electrician in advance and having a conversation.

The experience of an electrician is of uttermost importance but so is their communication style. Make sure that the contractor working in your home or office understands all of the requirements and follows your instructions.

Don’t rush through the process of hiring an electrician. Begin by doing online research and calling several companies. Comparing their offers side by side and making sure that you’re getting the best price to quality ratio will be of uttermost importance. Check for licenses, insurances and experience. All of these factors matter when it comes to the safety and the comfort of your property.

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