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Did you know, that according to independent research, more than 69% of carpet cleaning contractors & specialists should be AVOIDED?

Its true, you cannot trust more than 69% of carpet cleaning contractors in the greater Milwaukee area (serving much of Southeastern Wisconsin).

Our goal at Better Home Milwaukee is to line you up with a pre-screened, trusted carpet cleaning contractor or specialist at an affordable rate. Think of us as ‘Consumer Reports’ or the ‘Better Business Bureau’…specialized in screening carpet cleaning service providers in and around the Milwaukee area (including Racine & Waukesha).

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Avoid Carpet Cleaning Scams and Ripoffs: Milwaukee Carpet Cleaner Hiring Tips You Can Use

Carpets are susceptible to spills and stains from water, sewage and beverages, among other sources. While minor damage can be resolved using do-it-yourself methods, such as using a water extraction vacuum to absorb water spills, most carpet damages should be resolved by professional carpet cleaners.

These floor coverings should also be regularly cleaned by professionals even when these appear to be in good condition (e.g., no visible spills, stains and tears). Keep in mind that carpets are made from specialized materials that require professional cleaning methods. Do-it-yourself methods using over-the-counter cleaning chemicals can worsen the damage on the carpets, not to mention encourage the growth of possibly hazardous growth of fungi and bacteria in the accumulated debris.

Indeed, choosing the right professional carpet cleaners in Milwaukee is a must for cost-efficient and result-effective outcomes. You must keep these tips in mind when choosing from several carpet cleaners offering their services.

#1 Ask for Proof of License and Permits

Ask each of the carpet cleaners about their licenses and permits to operate. These documents are necessary to establish the fact that, indeed, these carpet cleaners are not running fly-by-night operations. Otherwise, you can be scammed of your money while your valuable carpets can be damaged beyond repair.

After asking for the proof of license and permit to operate, you should check with the local government authorities stated on these documents about their validity. You may also check online resources, such as Angie’s List License Check, to verify the compliance with state and local laws by the carpet cleaners being considered.

For example, in New York City and the Tri-State Area, carpet cleaning companies should have a home improvement contractor license. Check with the Licensing Division of the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, if necessary, for verification purposes.  Milwaukee has its own licensing division to be sure to see their licenses and permits.

#2 Inquire About Insurance and Bonds

Cleaning companies are required by law to carry insurance and bonds related to the services offered to their customers. Check that the carpet cleaning companies being considered have the following insurance and bond coverage before considering client references, employee certifications, and service costs:

• General liability insurance is a blanket commercial insurance policy, which covers the eligible losses, damages, injuries, and illnesses, even death in certain cases, caused by the service provider to third parties during the course of a job. For example, if the carpet cleaners damage your carpet during the cleaning process, the general liability insurance can be used to cover the costs of carpet restoration.

• Worker compensation will pay for the medical care expenses and lost income of the carpet cleaners in case of injury or illness while at work (i.e., accidents with chemicals).

• Surety bonds, which are guarantees of performance, are usually used in carpet cleaning contracts with government agencies and commercial buildings. Basically, these are used to provide clients with the guarantee that the agreed results will be delivered on time and, in case of non-delivery, the affected clients will be compensated for the losses and damages incurred.

Your vigilance in asking for insurance and bond coverage from the carpet cleaners will work in your favor should any untoward incidents happen during the job.

#3 Consider the Certifications of the Cleaners

Ask the respective managers of the carpet cleaning companies being considered about the education, training and work experience of the carpet cleaning technicians who will be assigned to your planned job. In the United States, carpet cleaning technicians should be certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a standard-setting and certification organization for the cleaning, inspection and restoration industries.

The IICRC also grants certifications to other carpet-related professionals, such as Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technicians, Water Damage Restoration Technicians, and Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Technician. All of these professionals must comply with the stringent education and training standards set by the non-profit organization before securing their appropriate certification and practicing their profession.

With certified carpet cleaning technicians working on your Milwaukee home or business, you have the assurance that the results will be satisfactory, at least. In contrast, you will get a hit-and-miss result when you hire a handyman to clean your carpets.

#4 Consider the Reviews and Referrals

Ask your family and friends for referrals to carpet cleaning companies that have delivered satisfactory results for them. Gather reviews, both positive and negative aspects, about the carpet cleaning companies being considered before making your choice. Ask yourself whether you want to experience the positive reviews and accept the negative aspects of the prior work performed for others.

Tip: A few negative reviews should not immediately make any carpet cleaner out of the race, so to speak. But several negative reviews should be a red flag.

You should also ask the carpet cleaners for client references. If any carpet cleaner refuses to provide the references, ask for the reasons, determine whether these are acceptable, and make your decision. You can skip on the client references in case of privacy issues and look at the company’s track record instead.

#5 Make Price Comparisons

Each Milwaukee carpet cleaner will have a unique pricing structure for its basic services, add-ons and specialized services. Get at least three price tables from three different carpet cleaners for comparison purposes.

Beware of prices that are too good to be true, such as low fees, since you will likely get what you paid for. Ask questions about the inclusions and exclusions for each type of basic and specialized service. Make a request for a cost estimate or price quotation from each carpet cleaner to compare their fees for the same project.

Typical costs for carpet cleaning services in the greater Milwaukee are can be summarized as follows:

• $75-$110 minimum charge

• $125-$240 for a 900-square foot apartment with higher prices for larger areas

• $100-$210 for a 900-square foot apartment in case of steam cleaning

Ask the carpet cleaner about the basis for the fees. You may be charged based on square foot, type of carpet to be cleaned, and type of cleaning to be done, among other factors.

You may or may not be charged for additional work, such as:

• Cleaning of staircase

• Stain removal depending on the type and size

• Furniture removal (i.e., moving of light furniture may have no extra charge)

• Cleaning of furniture, such as sofas, as well as rugs

You should be as direct as possible about the areas to be cleaned, the types of carpets to be treated, and the jobs to be performed for the project. You can reduce the risks of hidden charges, surprise fees, and additional costs when you and the carpet cleaner have already agreed on the scope of the project before the work starts.

#6 Discuss the Carpet Cleaning Method to be Used

While you will leave the professional carpet cleaner to do the job itself, you must have basic knowledge about the carpet cleaning methods that will be used. According to the IICRC, the following are the five main methods of carpet cleaning:

• Dry soil removal involves the thorough vacuuming of the carpet’s surface, which will remove dry soils.

• Soil suspension is the application of pre-treatment agents formulated to loosen wet and dry soils from the carpets fibers. The four-step process involves applying the chemicals, using heat to facilitate chemical reactions, agitating the carpet fibers for better distribution of the chemicals, and completing the dwell time to complete the chemical reaction.

• Steam cleaning involves shooting hot water into the carpet fibers, which will remove debris build-up as well as reduce accumulated bacteria, germs, and mites, among other toxins. The excess moisture and dislodged debris are then removed using strong suction.

• Grooming aids in eliminating matting and in distributing cleaning agents over the carpet’s surface.

• Drying the carpet usually involves the combination of ceiling fans, air movers, and natural air. The carpet should be completely dry within 6-8 hours.

Ask each of the carpet cleaners about their methods in cleaning carpets including the tools, cleaning solutions, and techniques used. You may request certain changes in the methodologies or materials used, such as using all-natural cleaning solutions due to your underlying health condition (e.g., asthma).

#7 Ask about the Warranty

The most reliable carpet cleaners stand by their work, so to speak, so their customers are provided with warranties on their work. You should ask each of the carpet cleaners being considered about the guarantee for their work – what is covered, how long the warranty takes effect, and what can be done to implement its terms, if necessary.

For example, the warranty can cover recurring stains that were not removed even after the cleaning was completed. The carpet cleaner can come back to remove the stain, free of charge.

After you have considered all of these factors, you can make a smart choice about the carpet cleaner that will be hired for the job. But don’t just agree based on a verbal agreement – ask for a written contract specifying the scope of the project, its payment schedule, and warranty information, among other terms and conditions. You must protect your interests especially when the project involves carpets worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.