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Avoid Appliance Repair Scams & Ripoffs! Tips On Choosing a Milwaukee Appliance Repair Professional

Instead of buying brand-new appliances, you must consider repairing broken appliances first since it is usually a more cost-efficient option. While you will spend for the repairs in terms of parts and labor particularly when you hire a used appliance repair Milwaukee professional, you will likely have lower expenses. Before hiring an appliance repair professional at the first sign of trouble, however, here are tips to consider.

Decide on DIY or Professional

Your first step is deciding whether the appliance repair can be undertaken as a do-it-yourself project. You must consider the following factors in your decision:

• Scope of the project including the type of repair, materials, and skills necessary to accomplish the repair; and

• Knowledge and skills that you possess in relation to the scope of the project.

Basically, if the repairs required involve simple replacement of accessible parts, then you can perform do-it-yourself repairs. These include replacing light bulbs in microwaves, thermostats in refrigerators, and waterline hoses in dishwashers.

You should also look into the possibility of getting the broken appliances into service centers to claim their warranties. You will probably spend money on the parts but get free labor.

But there are many cases when calling in appliance repair professionals is a must for safety reasons as well as for satisfactory results. These cases include the:

• Repair of gas lines for stoves and dryers (i.e., the leaks can be dangerous to life and limb when handled improperly)

• Balance in a clothes washer

• Replacement of a refrigerator compressor

• Replacement of fuses in appliances wherein disassembly is required

• Replacement of electrical cords

• Rewires of appliances

The rule of thumb: If the appliance repair work requires dealing with connections, circuits and wires, then it is best left to the professionals. Always remember that it is not worth losing your limb or life, more so the limbs and lives of others, just to save a few dollars on the service fees of appliance repair professionals.

When considering the possibility of hiring a used appliance repair professional, be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. You will be able to set realistic expectations about the results, thus, getting more satisfaction from the project.

The advantages of hiring an appliance repair professional include:

• Cost of repairs can be lower than purchase of a brand-new replacement

• Safety of use after repair is usually guaranteed because the proper parts and skills were used in the appliance

• Regular maintenance of the appliances can be made

You will also have the opportunity to establish a good working relationship with the appliance repair professional for future repair projects.

The disadvantages of hiring an appliance repair professional are fewer than its advantages:

• Fees charged for the repair of the appliance, which will probably apply whether the broken appliance was fixed or not

• Cycle of repair can continue for several times especially when the appliance is outdated

You have to consider whether repairing a broken appliance is worth the costs of materials and labor. Otherwise, you are better off buying a brand-new replacement.

Do Your Research

Let’s assume that you decided to hire an appliance repair professional since it is the most cost-efficient and results-effective option. You should avoid hiring the first professional that comes forward with a cost estimate, or the first professional on the directory, or the first professional whose advertisement catches your attention.

Keep in mind that you may not just be hiring an appliance repair professional for a one-time job but for an ongoing relationship. You should carefully consider several factors in choosing the appliance repair professional for this reason.

• Ask for referrals and recommendations

Your family and friends are great sources of information about the most reliable appliance repair professionals in the Milwaukee area. Ask them for referrals and recommendations as well as for their personal experiences with the services, fees and work conduct of the recommended appliance repair technicians.

• Search online

You will also find good used appliance repair Milwaukee technicians in your area by searching online. Look at Milwaukee directories, such as Angie’s List or Yelp, for “best” and “worst” ratings as well as tips on finding great appliance repair professionals in your area. Browse the Better Business Bureau site, too, for possible complaints filed against prospective appliance repair technicians and decide whether these complaints will affect your hiring decision.

• Narrow down your prospective professionals

From the referrals and recommendations, you can narrow down the list of prospective appliance repair professionals for the job. Check that the shortlisted individuals can either provide for home services especially when the appliance repair project involves large appliances. Check the proximity of the offices to your home, too, since the fees may be based on distance between the office and the service area.

• Ask relevant questions.

Think about the process of hiring a reliable appliance repair professional as an employment process involving background checks and interviews. You are the de facto employer of the appliance repair technician, thus, you have the right to ask relevant questions about his knowledge and skills in relation to the planned job.

The most important questions to ask are:

– What types of appliance repair services do you offer? You should choose an appliance repair technician with both general and specialized knowledge and skills about appliance repairs. The sophisticated technology in modern appliances demands equally advanced knowledge and skills, too.

– What are your qualifications? Ask for proof of formal training including certifications from relevant training organizations and government agencies. The common organizations include the Electronic Technicians Association International (ETA) and the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians. The repair appliance technician may have also completed formal training at a technical-vocational training institute or community college before getting a certification.

– What is your insurance coverage? The appliance repair technician being considered should have general liability insurance, at least, for your mutual protection of interests. You and the appliance repair professional have protection in case he causes damage, losses, injuries and illnesses, even death, in your house during the repair work. In case of a company specializing in appliance repair, workers compensation should also be present.

– Will you provide client references? Ask for the list of clients who can be contacted for more information about the prospective appliance repair technician’s work performance. Be sure to ask only relevant questions from these past clients, such as the quality of services delivered, the conduct while at work, and the availability for after-service calls.

– What is your warranty for the repair? A warranty is your guarantee of satisfactory services rendered as well as your assurance of callbacks, typically free of charge.

– What is your payment schedule and system? Reliable appliance repair technicians accept credit cards as payments for services rendered. Be wary of appliance repair professionals who ask for advance payments even before the job is done especially when the payment will be made via credit cards.

– What are your fees? It must be emphasized that there are no set standards for repair costs for home appliances. The fees will depend on several factors including company policy, type of repairs necessary, and costs of materials purchased as replacement. You can be charged as much or as little as the appliance repair technician wants although you can also negotiate the price before the work starts.

Most Milwaukee appliance repair technicians charge a per-hour rate while also including a call-out fee in case the repair can actually be carried out. Always ask the technician for the itemization of the total bill, which should ideally state the fees for the parts, labor and service fee. You will be able to clarify the itemized costs in the total bill and, thus, possibly get a lower bill without compromising the quality of work delivered.

The hourly rate, which can range from $200 to $300, may appear extravagant. But remember that you are paying for the expertise and, thus, the safety and efficacy of the results so the fees are justified in most cases.

Before the total bill, you must obviously ask for a cost estimate from each of the prospective appliance repair technicians. You can make comparisons about the services and fees from these documents and make your decision.

Tip: Always pay with your credit card. This is because the appliance repair technician accepts a certain level of liability that you can take advantage of in case of poor service or results. Your credit card issuer can claw back your payment in these cases.

While interviewing each prospective appliance repair technician, be observant about their answers, facial clues, and body language. You want a technician that you can trust and work with in your home so look for a balanced combination of direct answers, courteous attitude, and professional qualifications.

When you have decided on an appliance repair technician, your next step is to discuss the actual work that must be done. Ask for the written contract, read the terms and conditions, and ask for the necessary changes to be made before signing on the dotted line. The written contract can be a simple one for as long as it covers all the necessary provisions.